Virtual Redevelopment project

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Virtual Redevelopment project (VRD)

This was a huge project that required codification and a viable plan for implementation.  At the end of 2012, I launched the Virtual Redevelopment project in conjunction with the relaunch of Watts House Project 2.0.  Thanks to new technology provided by Verold Studio, the VRD allowed us to render individual homes in Watts in 3D.  The virtual models […]

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Virtual Redevelopment project – Sanchez house

This was the second project I organized at WHP as part of the Virtual Redevelopment project. The Sanchez family  moved to Watts in 1993.  As immigrants, Carlos Sanchez and Juana Breseña met in the United States, married, and moved to the area where they had three children. The family recalled Watts in the 90s as a difficult place […]

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Virtual Redevelopment Project- Villegas house

Here’s another project I initiated and managed at WHP as part of the Virtual Redevelopment project.  The owner of the home, Jose Villegas, has lived in Watts for 20 years.  Jose, affectionately called “El Chon” by his friends and family, moved to the U.S. when he was only 16.   He recalled that as a […]

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