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In the future, everyone will ride bikes (Part 1)

In 1979 a wonderful satirical movie jam packed with an ensemble cast that included John Ritter, Peter Riegert, Freddy Willard, Zane Buzby, Meat Loaf, and a surprise cameo performance by Elvis Costello opened in theaters – Americathon!  Narrated by George Carlin, the biting satire in Americathon was born out of real national crisis: gas shortages, […]

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Step on a crack , break your mama’s back. Step on a stone, end up all alone. Step on a stick, you’re gonna get sick. (two 11 year-old kids signing and tiptoeing over stuff as they passed near Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater) We’re in October now.  I personally considered it the alternative footnote to the end of […]

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Visiting Mexico….

My experience in Mexico summed up in a grocery list: √  Jaripeo (rodeo) – “he’s falling, he’s falling, he’s…hanging on” – mix properly! ×  Grasshopper love √  Christmas, aka Navidad. Ingredients: lip syncing the posadas, SATAN loves piñatas, elves on the mic, elves on Santa, super creepy Wise Men, everyone receives at least one gift – a hug √  Pre-Columbian […]

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Ruminating on the virtual

I was asked by our Board Chair and Executive Director to serve as project manager for the first two pilot homes as part of the Virtual Redevelopment Project (VRD). I was excited about this new endeavor for a couple reasons: it was an opportunity to collaborate with new residents and talented artists, designers, and architects […]

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Collaboration is where the art of social practice begins

I work at a non-profit in Watts, on the front lines of an area overcoming poverty and the stigma of the 1965 riots.  Our mission: “Watts House Projects an artist-driven neighborhood redevelopment organization, wherein artists and design professionals, in collaboration with the Watts Towers area residents, employ art as an economic and community development engine […]

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