GET UP 2 GET DOWN was one of my favorite programs at Watts House Project.  I produced Get Up 2 Get Down to serve as a community beautification effort organized in conjunction with short live performances in the area around the Watts Towers…and  I conceptualized this program with a wonderful lady and good friend, Sara Daleiden, founder and director at MKE<->LAX.  The program was one-part civic duty and one-part performance: volunteers from the Watts community and around Los Angeles walked along a predetermined route to pick up debris on the sidewalks and streets and, at random moments, a group of performers participating in the clean-up stopped and played sets of music or spoken word.  We recruited additional volunteers along the way and it all culminated at WHP where participants ate BBQ and took part in additional art activities curated by Raul Baltazar.

This event was a multi-level experience that entailed an element of community engagement, neighborhood beautification, and music.  What happened was magical – by contributing to the visual and audio experience of Watts, we encouraged people to come out of their homes, pick up trash, reconsider their environment, and dance!


SYCONS are Solar Powered DJs, audio/visual artists, and alt energy, alt transport activists.  The humans behind the group, Sycon CD (CD Gee) and Sycon MX (MX Farina) use everything from laptops, turntables, samplers, digital audio mixers, portable PA systems all powered by their solar powered DJ Station along with solar backpacks and solar briefcases.

LA CHAMBA began with a love and respect for Peruvian Chicha music. Its deep Amazonian Cumbia, Salsa and Afro-Latin groove along with the psychedelic feel instantly inspired them to create their own unique blend of the sound.

RAUL BALTAZAR lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. and Mexico City, Mexico. He received his BFA in Sculpture and New Genres and Master in Fine Arts/ Public Practice Degree at Otis College of Art and Design.  He has exhibited throughout Los Angeles and internationally.



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