iScreamLA! was collaborative project organized with two very talented artists Michelle Jacquis and Beth Peterson as part of 18th Street Art Center’s “Debating Through the Arts.”  The exhibition was c0-curated by Jerri Allyn and Inez Bush.  My personal goal for this project was to gain a deeper understanding of Los Angeles through it’s communities, people and places. Our process was simple: iScreamLA! traveled from neighborhood to neighborhood providing delicious ice cream treats in exchange for interviews which we did using Beth’s handmade puppets.  I must admit, puppets scare the bejesus out of me so this project was a bit of therapy as well.

As artists, our tendency to deconstruct, question, and examine lead us to explore how place is related to identity, economic disparity, ethnicity, and language.  It sorta became this mapping project of the city where it was less important to know where the corner of Sunset and Hollywood intersected than finding our way to a different kind of intersection – one of memory and place.

18th Street Arts Center

1639 18th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

June 18 – August 28, 2011

Participating artists:

Juna Amano
Micol Hebron
Michele Jaquis
Carol McDowell
Marissa Magdalena
Rosalyn Myles
Shana Nys Dambrot
Julianna Ostrovsky
Beth Peterson
Karl Jean-Guerly Pétion
Erika Reynoso
Trinidad Ruiz
Marjan Vayghan
Erich Wise



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