Here’s another project I initiated and managed at WHP as part of the Virtual Redevelopment project.  The owner of the home, Jose Villegas, has lived in Watts for 20 years.  Jose, affectionately called “El Chon” by his friends and family, moved to the U.S. when he was only 16.   He recalled that as a child the “vecindad” (neighborhood) he grew up was a place where neighbors gathered for small potluck picnics and discuss pressing neighborhood issues.   I worked with the Villegas family to develop a plan to rehabilitate the exterior of their home (exterior color of walls, front yard landscape, and front fence).  My discussions with the family informed my choices for the collaborators.  I needed designers with patience, an open mind, and designers totally willing to surrender to the collaborative process.  I immediately thought of Mohamed Sharif and Bureau for Architecture & Design.  I also brought skilled SWA Architects,  Andrew Watkins and Miguel Rivera, to work on the landscaping for the project.

Issues for the Villegas: security, underutilized space, preferred material for front fence (brick), privacy, and lighting

The Project Teams

Bureau For Architecture & Design (B-A-D)
Mohamed Sharif, Felix Monosakanian, Efren Soriano

SWA Architects
Andrew Watkins and Miguel Rivera



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