My experience in Mexico summed up in a grocery list:

√  Jaripeo (rodeo) – “he’s falling, he’s falling, he’s…hanging on” – mix properly!
×  Grasshopper love
√  Christmas, aka Navidad. Ingredients: lip syncing the posadas, SATAN loves piñatas, elves on the mic, elves on Santa, super creepy Wise Men, everyone receives at least one gift – a hug
√  Pre-Columbian ruins nestled between crosses and churches
√  Cows that purr
√  Abuelita and familia
√  Epic vistas
√  My kind of wedding
√  (spices) Tequila bottle clears the dance floor with more style than Tony Manero
√  The best ice-cream with the best lady ever! – keep frozen!
√  Stealing honey from honey bees (do bears not feel guilty about this? I sure did!). HOW TO: light a smokey fire, duck behind bushes and pray the angry swarm goes away, honeycombs are actual evidence of intelligent design and proves bees are smarter then people
×  Statues with underpants
√  Uh…these udders are not working!
√  (bike at 250º for 10 minutes) Morelia: street closure for biking!  Instructions: concept of Ciclovía immigrated north to L.A. and became CicLAvia
√   Making it rain…maize kernels!
√   Chalk art in front of the Teatro Juarez
√   Hiking
√  Beanie baby photo bomb
√  Riding a scooter for the first time and not falling off
√  Chicken, beef, pork – take your pick





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