Step on a crack , break your mama’s back.
Step on a stone, end up all alone.
Step on a stick, you’re gonna get sick.

(two 11 year-old kids signing and tiptoeing over stuff as they passed near Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater)

We’re in October now.  I personally considered it the alternative footnote to the end of the year. With all of the holidays following this month, there’s not much time to sit back and really reflect on personal and world events.  October will go by quickly and the rest of the year, even faster.  I am thankful about one thing: Los Angeles did not close out September with the first ever Slide the City – a giant slip ’n slide that cost $20 per person and ran the length of 1,000 feet in Downtown.  There was so much wrong with that event (thematically, economically, socially, and just basic taste) that I would have considered moving to another part of the city if the event was green-lit to go forward.  Thanks to the sanity of the folks over at Water & Power for putting the kibosh on that event.

Getting back to October. This will be a busy month for me – transitioning into a new job, Oktoberfest, Halloween (designing my own costume, always a treat), putting the finishing touches on my new website, and doing a ton of painting, writing, and  collaborating.  This month also marks the end of an era.  If y’all haven’t heard, Watts House Project boarded up its doors and windows, put away the signage and tucked itself away for the eternal sleep among the pages of history.  WHP is no more.  Reflecting about the role of WHP and other organizations working with communities will be forthcoming.  I hope to partner with a few artists on a panel discussion or presentation. More on that soon. 


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